Join the team.

Uplisting is an Airbnb preferred software partner tool for growing short-term rental property managers.

You'll love working with us if you're positive, thoughtful and balanced.

Interested in working for Uplisting? Great! A few things to know

  1. We are all contractors. This is not for everyone.
  2. We value flexibility. Interested in a 4, 3, 2, 1 day work week? We can probably make that happen.
  3. Besides the flexibility, cash and profit sharing, we don't provide other perks.

Who are we looking for?

The perfect person to work at Uplisting is someone who can self-manage, are hands-on/doers, can prioritise and ask for help when they need it.

What matters

Uplisting exists to our members build successful short-term rental hospitality businesses. Our north star is maximising how much revenue they generate, which aligns with how much revenue we do.

To do that, we need to:

  • Be highly competent and produce best-in-class product, content, and customer support
  • Be proactive and autonomous, using others only when necessary to produce best-in-class work
  • Enjoy our work

Ultimately, we want to run a company that runs itself.

We love our async, meeting-light culture, which only works when we are fully clear on what we do.

What is Uplisting?

Uplisting helps short-term rental property managers grow their businesses.

We have a great product and the vast majority of our members appreciate us! Here are some reviews.

About our company

Our team

  • We are entirely remote with teammates across the globe. No offices.
  • We have no full-time employees. We are all contractors and appreciate flexibility.
  • We are mostly asynchronous and don't have many team meetings.
  • Effective communication is extremely important to us.

Our company

  • We are a profitable and mainly bootstrapped company. We recently raised $500k (with $200k coming from our own members) to help us grow. We don't foresee us raising any other investment.
  • Our goals are to build a highly profitable business, have fun doing it and to reward our team (and investors) for achieving those goals.

Our business model

  • Uplisting primarily operates on a flat fee per property model. 99% of our revenue is from monthly or yearly recurring subscriptions.
  • On top of the recurring subscription model we offer:
  • One flat fee per booking feature (Guest Identity Verification)
  • One flat fee per property feature (Protect - Security deposits)
  • One commission (3% per booking) based service when Uplisting processes direct booking payments on behalf of members.

Our values

  • We welcome diversity and enjoy new perspectives.
  • We go out of our way to ensure our colleagues aren't left with extra work due to poor communication and the absence of context.
  • No micromanagement. We trust you to do your work as you see fit, and are here to help where we can.
  • Focus on doing.
  • No internal/team politics.
  • Give the benefit of the doubt. Assume no malice.

Our achievements

  • Over $200m worth of bookings pass through Uplisting each year (and growing fast!)
  • we are an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner.
  • we grew the company sustainably from 0 to profitability by working part-time initially
  • we have built an engaged community (which we care about!)
  • we are helping 1000's of short-term rental hosts establish their businesses and excel